Business and Corporate Sponsorships

Dear Business Friend,

For the past twelve years Eyes in the Sky (EITS) has provided science education programs to schools and fun, informative bird conservation talks at community venues, after school programs and summer camps accompanied by one of our live raptors (owls, falcons and hawks who are injured and rehabilitated but not releasable to the wild).

In 2010 construction was completed on a new Aviary (on the Museum of Natural History campus) which now accommodates seven raptors. To provide daily outings/enrichment and contact with Museum visitors, our trained volunteer staff has increased from 12 to 35+. Our raptors can be seen any day between 2 PM – 4 PM at the Aviary or on the Museum campus, serving as wonderful ambassadors for their species and inspiring children and adults to be better stewards of nature and healthy, diverse natural habitats.

Annually, foundation grants may provide 15% - 40% of the income needed to cover operating expenses (e.g., bird food, veterinary care, permits, office/aviary supplies, and staff). The remainder of EITS’ income comes from fee-based programs, private/community member contributions, business donations and fundraisers. Your contribution will help Eyes in the Sky provide:

$3,500 pays for food, housing, veterinary care, and state/federal permits for our birds for 6 months. $1000 pays for a 5-session science program at a school or camp (25 students). The topic can be “Twelve Neighborhood Species”, “Raptors” or “Seabirds” and, depending on the age of the students, may include bird picture and vocabulary matching games, coloring sheets, bird call CD’s, a visit from one of EITS live raptors and a field trip. $650 Birding for Kids Program - Two introductory sessions that include a live bird visit, slide show, stories of local birds, bird sounds, colored species check lists, two neighborhood bird walks and one 3-hour field trip ($500 if bus provided by community group/camp). 25 students maximum. $150 pays for a one hour program with a live bird of prey, storytelling, detailed species information and how kids can help wildlife avoid conflicts with human activities (Up to 25 children).

We sincerely hope you will consider participating with EITS as a Business Sponsor. Our levels of sponsorship are on the next page. Sincerely,

Gabriele Drozdowski
Program Director

Your donation is fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services in consideration, in whole or in part, were provided for this contribution. Our non-profit ID number is 23-7051362.


$100 - $499
$500 - $999
Certificate for 1-year Sponsorship and 1 raptor 8x10 photo X X X
One-time recognition in El Tecolote (SBAS Newsletter) X X X
Subscription to quarterly EITS Newsletter & recognition as a Sponsor X X X
One on-site live bird presentation at your business for your employees   X X
Invitation to Annual Sponsor Appreciation Event     X

Making a Donation by Check

  1. Download and print insert.
  2. Please make your check payable to "Santa Barbara Audubon Society" (memo: EITS), and mail donation along with insert to:

Eyes in the Sky

Making an Online Donation via Paypal

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