Judy Hogan

Administrative Assistant, Eyes in the Sky

I had enjoyed the hobby of bird watching with friends and been a member of Audubon for many years. In the Fall-2008 SBAS was fundraising for the construction of a new mews (aviary) for Eyes in the Sky’s raptors. I wanted to in some way help, to be a part of enriching the lives of these special birds. I love animals (especially photographing wolves, bears and birds!) but work full time and could not train as a raptor bird handler. So, I signed up to help raise money needed to construct the new mews and to do some office support for Gabriele, EITS Program Director.

Now, five years later, I’m still here. The mews was built, the raptors are happy and healthy and this little building has become a peaceful refuge from a hectic life. While working in the officeI’ve learned that each raptor has a definite individual personality, habits, likes and dislikes.  It’s a treat for me to hear the soft “who-who” of Max or the busy chittering of the kestrels. It’s a joy to watch visitors (young and old) talking with the bird handlers then looking into the raptors’ eyes, observing their feathers, beaks and talons up close, sensing their wild nature and personally getting to understand how these avian beauties make this planet a better place for us all. Maybe I’ll be around for another five years.