Hello Friends,

I have been working on a marketing CD for our Santa Barbara Audubon Society's   EYES IN THE SKY environmental education program. 

This is a BETA of a Slide show/Photo album. The plan is to have several versions of this, directed at different types of potential supporters, i.e., businesses, foundations, media, potential private donors, as well as existing donors and program participants.

This version is the one for the "already converted", a "whole meal" for those already in love with our birds.

I am sharing this with you because I need to know how first come viewers, especially those who may not be "animal people"  respond to the content (I think it's absolute dynamite myself, but, as Max's caretaker and mate I'm hopelessly biased). I hope you can take the time to watch the photo album, and let me know how it left you feeling.  Suggestions, criticism are welcome.

Unfortunately I have been unable to upload the auto running slide show version (which has special transitions, timing and special effects). Either me or my slide show program are too dense to figure out how to do it.  

This simplified photo album version, however, has all of the basic ingredients  - just not the juicy transitions and timing of the auto-run slide show.  You'll have to turn the pages yourself at your own timing. The actual CD has both - the manual album as well as the auto slide show (my pride and joy).  Should you be inspired to want the complete CD (with the HQ JPG's), you can email me at .  

Now, click on "MAX"   to bring up the album. Cable and DSL folks will have shorter downloads than dial-up. Make sure you have your speakers on.  The background music will take about 10-15 seconds to load (large mpg file), so hold off from advancing the pictures until the sound starts.   

Gabriele Drozdowski
EYES IN THE SKY Program Director
Santa Barbara Audubon Society